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Why the University Hospital Ostrava?

The Oncology Center of UHO ranks among the top facilities in Central Europe and guarantees patients from a wide region state-of-the-art treatment adhering to world standards. Additionally, it is a part of a network of thirteen specialized oncology centers in the Czech Republic and is the biggest oncology station in the Moravian-Silesian Region.

The center uses the latest technologies, e.g. two linear accelerators with highly energetic photons and accelerated electrons, virtual simulator, brachytherapy with high dose input and teams of top experts.

During reconstruction, the Oncology Clinic of UHO and the Nuclear Medicine Clinic of UHO were modernized. A substantial part of the reconstruction was an extension of the Oncology Clinic in the form of a new irradiation center which is where the CyberKnife is used. Nowadays, there are larger waiting rooms and chemotherapy application rooms. Outpatient clinics use an electronic patient registration system. There is a haematology inpatient ward. The intensive oncology care unit will be overseen by the Institute of Clinical Haematology which will improve the quality of patient care with haematogenetic malignant tumors. The Oncology Clinic mainly concentrates on treatment of other malignant tumors with stress on radiation oncology where it is among the best.

The team of physicians, physicists and assistants of radiology in Ostrava was trained in the United states, in the Accuray (CyberKnife producer) training center.

Where you can find us?


Fakultní nemocnice Ostrava
17. listopadu 1790, 708 52 Ostrava-Poruba
GPS: 49° 49' 36" N / 18° 09' 40" E
Phone: +420 597 371 111, E-mail: fno@fno.cz

Visiting hours

Each day from 3.00 p.m. to 6.00  p.m.

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