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News & Events

November 2012

We have visited The London Clinic – private clinic in London which specializes in stereotactic radiotherapy locality mainly in the area of brain. We have discussed cooperation possibilities, especially in the area of physical research. That is how we have repaid our British colleagues their spring visit here.

At the Advanced Radiation Oncology meeting in Dallas we had two presentations. One was about prostate carcinoma; the other was about lung tumours. These are areas where we belong to the absolute top worldwide in terms of number of patients.

16th October 2012

We irradiated a 1000th patient!

Numbers of treated patients

4th September 2012

According to the official annual report of the Accuray company (producer CyberKnife) which compares the number of patients and diagnosis treated in the CyberKnife worldwide, the Faculty hospital in Ostrava treated 443 patients in 2011 when the worldwide average is 188 patients. That means that the workload of our CyberKnife is more than double compared to the world average.

In comparison to the worldwide average we have treated many more patients with prostate carcinoma, lung, pancreas, liver tumours as well as the ENT illnesses.

To compare, annual numbers of patients at individual continents are:

The USA: 155
Europe: 253
Asia and Pacific: 230
Faculty hospital Ostrava: 443

On 9
th May 2012 we were asked to do a presentation on treatment methods of lung tumours at the most important European congress of radio oncology ESTRO 31 (European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology). It was confirmed that in this area we belong to the top in terms of number of patients as well as precision of planned and radiation procedures.

On 28
th April 2012 we presented our experience with treatment of prostate carcinoma at the international conference, the Symposium on Precision Radiotherapy that took place in Chennai in India. It was a presentation we had been invited to, based on the number of treated patients.

th April 2012 we had a visit from the United Kingdom. Our colleagues from the physical department at The London Clinic, for whom the CyberKnife is also available, came to get acquainted with our experience. Considering that our number of treated patients and the spectrum of diagnosis are unique on the European scale, we could have presented to our colleagues from London the treatment techniques which are in their workplace only done to a limited extent. We have agreed future cooperation on joint projects and regular mutual sharing of experience.

21st February 2012

Due to the great interest in our treatment of prostate carcinoma at the CyberKnife we have decided to increase the capacity from 3 to 4 new patients per week since May 2012. This should shorten waiting time for treatment which is currently three months.

Our annual number of patients treated for prostate carcinoma is the third highest in the world, first in Europe.


We have made a video about CyberKnife, indications for treatment and the way a teraphy is provided. Please see the VIDEO section.


On 29th November 2011, our centre was visited by the four member team of the 'Medical and Research Department' of Accuray Company, which is the producer of CyberKnife technology. The aim of this visit was to gain experience from the operation of this unique technology, as well as to support the new therapeutic attitudes and indications in the close future. The actual number of treated patients shows that the University Hospital of Ostrava is the largest centre for the stereotactic therapy of prostatic and pancreatic tumours in Europe. While at the same time belonging among the five largest centres focusing on this diagnosis on a worldwide scale! The Department of Oncology is preparing a research project for so called virtual bachytheraphy - a method that is not yet applied anywhere in the world. It aims to substitute the bachytherapy with the help of CyberKnife at patients, who have not previously been able, due to various related complications, to undergo a CyberKnife treatment. The project, supported by Accuray Company, should commence in the second half of 2012.


Number of patients

The world wide number of patients so far treated with the CyberKnife has already reached over 100,000, with the ratio between brain and another indication at 50/50. An average number of patients treated annually on a single machine are:

USA: 150
Europe: 254
Asia: 196 
University Hospital in Ostrava: 380


The first year of clinical operation

Cyber Knife has now been in full clinical operation for a year at the University Hospital in Ostrava. We have treated in total 380 patients, 12% of which have been treated in the brain area (intracranial stereotactic surgery) and 88% out of the brain area (extracranial stereotactic ablative radiotherapy). The total cost of treatment turned out to be only CZK 35 million, which,compared to a standard radiotherapy and systematic treatment, is an insignificant amount. The department staff have communicated their first year of experiences under clinical operation with CyberKnife in sixteen papers, twelve of them were of local and four of international impact.