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Thanks to its high accuracy the CyberKnife is especially suitable for treatment of certain tumors, including carcinoma of the lungs, prostate, liver, pancreas, head and throat. It is possible to treat the brain and spinal cord, metastasis and recurrent tumors. The largest tumor that can be treated is about 5 cm.

As far as the comfort of the patient is concerned, CyberKnife treatment is outpatient. In contrast to radiotherapy which is performed in fractions and takes 6 to 8 weeks, the CyberKnife makes radiosurgery possible, i.e. in a single-phase or very few applications.

Instead of eight and a half weeks the patient is treated in 2-10 days with the same results, lower toxicity and, compared to cytostatic or biological treatment, lower cost.

The non-invasive therapy of the cybernetic knife is faster, more effective, painless and without side effects. Furthermore, it does not require any fixation frames to stabilize the patient who does not have to hold this breath. There is no need for anaesthestesia.